good behavior

I went to my kids' school field trip to the zoo on Friday. (My kids begged me to go and once again, I was totally ignored by them.Gone are the days of handholding.)⠀There, the kids were playing at the playground while a few moms and I were talking under a shade.

One of the moms was laughing and proudly talking about how her child cusses, she cheered while he was climbing up the slide, and generally had a very careless attitude towards his misbehavior.⠀

Now, I don't care how people raise their children as long as it doesn't affect my children. Unfortunately, people completely disregard how their attitudes and manners affect those around them. It is not the way of a Muslim to boast about his or her misbehavior.

This is especially true if this behavior risks the safety and well-being of someone else. We are all connected like a chain and there are times when it only takes one weak link to break the whole chain. Yes, very cliche.⠀No, it's not an expectation for every single chain to be strong as we all know each and every one of us goes through strength and weakness. I am all about sharing ups and downs because so many of us are going through same challenges.

However, there is difference in looking at misbehavior as an opportunity for improvement and looking at misbehavior with boastful eyes.

What is important is that we hold tight to Allah both through strength and weakness;

And keep in mind that Allah watches every choice we make. If we are aware of His constant presence, we are more careful with our actions and carefully think through how our actions affect others.

Sometimes we don't understand or envision how we may affect others.

This is why we use our Prophet as an example.

This is why we read and constantly reread the Quran. We build a trust that there is a reason why Allah wants us to do things a certain way.Through text and example, we become better members of the chain.

We become catalysts to good behavior.

We become considerate of each other.

We become reflections of what Allah wanted us to be.

We become foundation of a healthy and happy society. 🌷Umeda

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