We live in a world of goals. Fitness goals. Career ladder goals. Financial goals. House goals. Car goals. Tech goals. Social network goals. Impact goals. Followers goals. On and on and on. So often we end the day extremely exhausted. And wake up again enslaved to our goals. Goals have made us more productive and creative, yes.

But it has also made us depressive and overwhelmed. In business, you often have to pivot. That is make a change or change course if something is not working.

Do you think perhaps it's time to pivot our ways?  

Perhaps instead of solely focusing on goals for the sake of goals, we focus on why we are setting those goals.

Are we setting goals for the sake of our ego (feeling important) or for the sake of Allah?

Evaluate your goals. Why are you doing it?

Why do you want it?

Is it ego or Allah?

Look at your success from Allah's eyes. I am afraid.

While driving the other day, I reflected on The Dua Journal. I reflected on my message, on my goals through The Dua Journal.  I am afraid I will get carried away. I am afraid I will get too excited by the following, the compliments or by the money and I will forget why I started. And I decided to remind myself regularly to look at my success through the eyes of Allah.

The idea of The Dua Journal has been brewing for more than a year. I started, then stopped. Until I started again, I sought. I sought. I know why I started again.  More than a year ago, I read the collection of duas which I posted on top of each reflection page with tears blurring my sight and a swelling heart. The love for Allah. I do it for him. Don't let me forget.

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