giving keeps us going

Throughout life, mostly in adulthood, we seek ways to care. We are either caring for our education, our careers, our children, our loved ones, our gardens, our hobbies, our families and friends, our home...⠀⠀

It's this caring and giving part of ourselves that keeps us going. It keeps us excited for life, for the next day. It gives us some sort of fulfillment. ⠀⠀

In regards to happiness, sources people speak of are from a recipient perspective. I want to be loved, I want to have this, I want to have that. In other words, I want to be given... Not often do you hear someone say I want to have someone or something to take care of, to give to and to love. But it is exactly this giving that makes us happy.⠀⠀

This is why I deeply love our faith. All five pillars of Islam are forms of giving in one way or the other. Charity is giving to the needy. Prayer is giving praise to Allah. Fasting is giving empathy to the unfortunate, and giving opportunity for our bodies and intentions to reset. Hajj is giving our respects to our foundation. And shahada is giving testimony to the trueness of Allah and our Messenger (saws). ⠀⠀

Of course, through this giving, we receive even more. Through giving, we find joy, purpose, and fulfillment. Through giving, we inspire each other to give. Through giving, we are centered and reminded of our basic foundation. Our basic need to care for, to love, to understand, to cherish, and to flourish.

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