function over beauty

There is a two-feet gap in between my side of the bed and the wall. I have my alarm clock placed on the floor there near the foot of the bed. ⠀

This tactic has been effective at waking up everyday for Fajr. It has been wonderful. My intentions brain and my actions are in alignment and that's a really good feeling. ⠀

But the thing is this alarm clock comes with a cord. And in addition to my laptop cord which I keep near my bed, it is a whole lot of cord in a two-feet space. ⠀

It bugs me SO MUCH every time I see it. There should be no cords hanging out in open spaces. It looks messy. But I don't dare move that alarm clock. It wakes me up for Fajr. ⠀

This is what priority looks like. Function over beauty. Striving for goals is not going to be pretty. It's not going to be comfortable. It's not going to be optimal. ⠀

Function over beauty. Sometimes you will have to stay up later. Sometimes get up sooner. Sometimes you will sacrifice what you really want to do... sometimes even what makes you happy. ⠀

Life is function over beauty. It's not always pretty and Allah doesn't try to make it always pretty. Allah, however, does deliver life that is functional in giving you a lesson. ⠀⠀
People, as well, are function over beauty. Mostly relationships that are functional last to the end. People prefer people who bring out the best in them, those who care, those who do... ⠀

We are function over beauty. We are happiest when we mean something more than a pretty face... at work, at home, at school, at social settings, etc. ⠀

So reflect on that. Adjust expectations. And cherish un-pretty circumstances that are functional in making you a better person.

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