four lessons on money

I read an inspiring article today called 'Four Lessons on Money I Learned After Making $1 Million'.

Basically, it was about how money does not fulfill us.

We all know this, but look...

He says, "Finally, I took Phil’s advice and chose to not let money define my days. Like Alan Bean, I went to work because it was my calling, not because I was driven to increase. And at the encouragement of my friend Stu, I started using these resources to play my part in projects that were bigger than me. And that actually did make me happy."⠀

This concept of doing something because it is your calling made me stop a moment. ⠀If you think about it, you and I, we were called to be a part of this Ummah.

Being a Muslim is our calling. We play our part in it because it is our duty. We take responsibility and take part from need. As if it's what we were meant to do. Yes, we get distracted with the shiny things, people, and promises in this life. But at the core, we are pulled. A magnetic force. So how do we realign ourselves with this calling?⠀


What if we switch our thinking about our faith from "I have to" to "I get to"?

What if we get rid of the cookie-cutter image of the perfect Muslim and instead focus on the experience of growth?

From overwhelm to ease.⠀

What if we put our trust in Allah and give Him a chance?

What if we just slow down and let Allah lead us?⠀

What if we paused our thinking mind for a moment and called on Allah? ⠀

What if fulfilling life is accepting our calling?⠀

What are we waiting for?

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