focus on the good

Goodness, is it getting gloomy up in here or what? I tend to talk to you about deeper things, but goodness I feel very light today.

At work, we moved offices and I got a new standing desk which I am in love with. My hips are cracking from standing for so long (something I am not used to.) I bought new plants for my desk. And as shallow as this sounds, sometimes just the change of scenery and flowers/plants mean the world. I know this too will get old one day, but right now, I totally have an extra spring on my steps.

Speaking of spring on my steps, I took my brother's dog out for a walk and it was just so perfect. The sunset was so beautiful. One of those where one side of the sky was cloudless clear blue and the other side was a mixture of golds, pinks and purples. I looked like a complete goof, making big, springy steps, arms swinging, humming while I walk a dog.

My work provides us with donuts every Friday morning. I had this big, fluffy, chocolate-glazed donut with my coffee and you can't believe how heavenly this experience was. It hit just the right spot.

Day in and day out, choose to focus on the good. DON'T IGNORE THE BAD. Just don't dwell on it.

When you have pain in a certain spot, you can choose to focus on it or busy your mind with something else. If you focus on the pain, the pain is sharper and more destructive to your livelihood. If you disconnect your mind from it, then the pain is still there, but not as destructive.

Life will never be solely beautiful skies, dogs and donuts. But I will choose to define my days by the moments that remind me how Allah has blessed me and is with me throughout my journey.

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