focus on the gains

I was 25 when I started feeling the negative affects of aging. Parts of me I didn't know existed started hurting or at least bugging me. First few grays in my hair appeared. ⠀

Slowly I started seeing fine lines, then acne... adult acne! Inability to lose the extra weight. Ultimately the shift in my hormones. ⠀

You get the idea... I've been patiently watching this body go through the process of aging. If you really look at it without the ego... it's quite a beautiful process. It all happens on it's own. Following a set pattern. A pattern you've seen in your mother and the women around you.⠀

The gaining of clarity and understanding of life (kind of), people, and our own capabilities is well worth the aging body. ⠀

The feeling of 'I am going to be OK'. The feeling of 'I will figure this out.' The understanding of how short and SWEET this life is. The acceptance of our weaknesses in the face of our strengths. And most of all, getting to know Allah and the peace that comes with it. ⠀

Aging is beautiful. It's an intentional part of Allah's plan for you and I. ⠀

Focus on the gains. Notice the quieted fears. Cherish the peace of mind. Enjoy the internal calm and wisdom. Play through the beautiful memories. ⠀

Focus on the chance you got... to live. To transition to the next stage. This is proof that whatever struggles you are going through WILL pass. Everything will pass. ⠀

Find joy in sailing with the current. Don't hold tight to anything and live in a state of awareness. Get to really see the details of what you have now. There's beauty and love... everywhere. This is a sweet life. ⠀

Sail it. Bask in its beauty. Relish the sweetness... which Allah intentionally provided for you. ⠀

Live, my dear, with your hormonal imbalance... with your grays... with your wrinkles... with your changing body shape... ⠀

Live, my dear, with the heart that doesn't fail to pump day in and day out! Live, my dear, with The a million pieces of you that work just right! Live, my dear, with your warmth! Live, my dear, with your senses! Live, my dear, with the air you get to breath. ⠀


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