Focus on Allah

A sample section from the Dua Journal. Confident people make it a habit to think and act positively.

Therefore, they enjoy life, and they accomplish a lot.

Allah has blessed us with good inside and out, left and right, top and bottom.

We all carry the gift of seeing these blessings.

What lacks is the mindset.

Focus on the positive.

Focus on the good.

Focus on your strengths.

Focus on the people who love you and who you love.

Focus on Allah and you will see your life completely shift.

Focusing on the good often calls for actively rejecting the negative. It's a mental exercise.  

The Dua Journal is the tool to give weight and emphasis on good, on faith, on patience, and on progress. It encourages making Dua, being grateful, increasing iman, and improving relationship with Allah. Overtime, with this habit, you will see ✅surge of positive and healthy habits, ✅better decision making, ✅peace of mind, ✅productivity, ✅better relationships, ✅optimism, and ✅overall physical and emotional well-being. Make that first step.

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