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It's getting close to the 5 month anniversary of The Dua Journal release. It's been quite a busy 5 months, and honestly, quite a fun too. I haven't been so bothered by lack of sleep... so willing to put countless hours in... if you run a business, you know what I mean about the energy it fills you with.

Slowly, however, I started getting mentions that I am less present for my relationships... close relationships. First my husband... then my sisters... then my sister-in-law. First complaint, shame on them. Second complaint, shame on me. I had been actively looking for ways to tone it down (I had mentioned it in #TDJDevotion89), but it's hard to do.

Hence, why I am no longer checking DM. And why I'm not getting back to you as quickly. Know that while I'm not getting back to you, I'm taking care of my relationships. These are the people who will wipe off my tears when I'm sad. The people who will bring me food when I'm too ill to cook. These are the people who hold me straight when I'm growing a little crooked.

'Fixing it' is what's on my mind today. So often we notice something breaking or broken in our lives, but we are unwilling to change. We keep doing the same thing and keep banging our heads on the wall. Rigid. Stubborn. Naive.

Adaptability is key to a healthy us. You and I. And this applies to every part of our lives. Our relationships. Our work. Our faith. Our health.

And how sad are the people who didn't 'fix' and have ended up bitter in life. Just bitter about everything. Bitter about others. Bitter about themselves. Bitter about what life brought to them.

Broken things are cue for us to evolve. If something is no longer working, we need to change/shift/pivot. If the environment won't change, then we have to learn how to change our minds... and our ways. And we need to be flexible enough to initiate that change. And be aware enough to know when it's time to 'fix it.' Let's be proactive in designing a happy, positive, and balanced life. 

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