finding serenity

Went for a beach day with my husband the other day and it was, above all else, simple.

The beach we went to was a small, out of the way family beach. We ate cheese on bread for lunch in between bouts of floating in the water and laying in the sand. We chatted and laughed and sat quietly together.

It is these kinds of days - quiet, simple, lovely - that remind me what is really important. My health, my family, alhamdulillah those are good. All the rest are just extra blessings.

Plus, the amazing natural beauty always has the effect of reminding me of the beauty of God. If this is what creation looks like, then what must the Creator be like?

That day reminded me of what real happiness and contentment feels like, so I am resolving to add more simplicity and more quiet moments to my everyday. Less screen time, less packing my day with to-dos. More time with just me and the world and Allah.

I would love to hear from y'all; where do you find the most serenity?


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