feeling of al-fatiha

I am in such awe of Surah Al-Fatiha (first chapter of the Quran). And just the fact that THIS is the surah we recite for every single rakaat of our prayer shows me the love and mercy Allah has for us. If we are doing all of our prayers (sunnah and fard), we recite this surah 32 times every single day. ⠀

There are times when I just brush over this recitation during my prayer, but I aim, I really aim and remind myself to slow down and think about what Allah is saying and asking me to say. ⠀

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most kind. ⠀

'All praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.' Alhamdulillahi rabbil alamin. Alamin. The whole universe and beyond. I am but only a tiny speck. He is way beyond my imagination. Life is way beyond my imagination. I am but a tiny speck. And He is the all-powerful, managing the universe. Every movement in the universe. Allah. And He is so near. ⠀

'The Most Merciful, The Most Kind.' This is how He introduces Himself to us. The Most Merciful, the Most Kind. Out of all the names He could start with. He chose these ones. ⠀

'The King of the Day of Judgement.' Yes, He looks at me. I will come back to Him. I belong to Him. He is my King. He will judge me. And He is the Most Merciful, the Most Kind. ⠀

'It is You we worship and You we ask for help.' It is Him who can give me comfort, aid, fulfillment, and understanding. It is only Him that can help. It is only Him that can provide. It is only Him who can fill my heart. ⠀

'Guide us to the straight path.' It is You I only want. Guide me towards You. Guide me towards good, pure, lasting, and real. ⠀

'The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked Your anger or of those who are astray.' Please, don't give up on me. Forgive me for making the same mistakes over and over again. Forgive me for being lazy. Forgive me for being distracted. Forgive me for being ignorant and forgetful. It is You that matters the most. Help me align my actions and thoughts with You. 

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