family celebration


Yesterday, I invited my big family over for a celebration. These are the days that I usually get a little more stressed. Tired after a week of daily full-time working mom grind. Cooking and baking three things simultaneously while shouting at kids to turn down the TV. Worrying if I will have enough food.⠀

But(!) the excitement of preparing for the family to come over. The excitement of getting together. The excitement of organizing. The excitement of coming conversations.

These moments shake you up. They take out the layer of staleness that comes with the routine and the everyday grind.

These are the moments that throw you out of balance and give you perspective. Perspective of gratitude.

These are the moments that reminds you how full your life is.

These are the moments that give clarity to Allah's ayats.

It's great when you have committed to a specific routine. Taken out unnecessary and isolated yourself into full-focus. I challenge you, however, in finding balance.
We know our purpose in life: worshiping Allah. This, however, does not mean hiding ourselves from all the great things He has provided us to enjoy in His kingdom.

Understanding comes from experience, not from isolation. Empathy towards examples of Allah in His Book come from comparing to personal experiences, or experiences of those around us.

For that, you need to step out of your comfort zone. To meet new people. To see new things. To organize social events. To get multiple perspectives. To open up yourself to (halal) new experiences that shake you up. To shed out the staleness that comes with the daily grind. challenge you to find balance.

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