familial rituals

I heard a story somewhere that struck a cord. A family pot roast recipe was passed down by the women of the family, generation after generation. To make it, the women cut a chunk from two ends of the roast.

One of the younger women was asked the reason for the cut. 'I don't know, that's how mom and grandma used to make it.' Then the questioning began, the woman asked mom, grandma, great-grandma to learn from the eldest that she cut the roast because it didn't fit in her pan. All these years! The extra work!

The waste!

 We are told as Muslims not to question everything. The truth we don't realize is we are asked not to question everything Allah has passed to us. Allah knows best. The irony is that we question things relating to Islam, but completely overlook everything else.

Why is that?

 We don't question societal norms. We don't question cultural practices. We don't question familial rituals and routines. We don't question workplace expectations. We don't question our imams! But we question Allah. As you increase your knowledge in Islam, also increase your questioning. It is so vital! Always question sources. Whatever you are reading, make sure it is coming from a legitimate source. Because people are fantastic at adding to and reducing from the truth. Our memories are faulty. Our expressions are faulty. Our translations are faulty. Question. Question everything. Because when you get to the truth of it, there is nothing to question about Allah's message.

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