faith beliefs

We live life with a set of beliefs, values, and expectations. ⠀

✅We know by when we need to be married, by when we should have kids. ⠀

✅We know what jobs are good and what jobs are not satisfactory. ⠀

✅We know in what financial standing we should be and what kind of material things we should have.⠀

✅We know in what type of shape and size we should be. ⠀

✅We know what kind of parents we should be. ⠀

But in our set of beliefs, we do not include our faith. We don't have a clear picture of:

⠀ ⠀
❎By when we should be doing quality prayers.⠀

❎By when we should complete the Quran. ⠀

❎By when our children should learn Arabic. ⠀

❎By when we should be paying 2% or more for zakat.⠀

❎Which organizations we should be a part of: time or money. ⠀

❎Which institutes to take certifications from. ⠀

There is so much anxiety involved in making sure we accomplish other expectations, but when it comes to faith, we just leave it to chance. ⠀

It's not that important. It's like we agree to the fact that we will be ok whether we hit that goal or not... or whether we meet those expectations or not... if there is an expectation. ⠀

And then we say 'Oh of course, Allah is most important. If He wills it, I will be successful in life.'⠀

But really think: Do your values, beliefs, and goals reflect that? Is He most important to you? ⠀

My point is values are not exclusive. Have values and expectations in ALL areas of your life. Just make sure your faith is included as well.

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