enough humility to ask

It takes humility to ask for forgiveness for the sins we have committed. ⠀

It is especially difficult asking for forgiveness of the things we do that are considered normal in the society we live in. ⠀

It is difficult to ask for forgiveness for the things we grew up doing... for the things our parents did and their parents did. ⠀

But over and over, Prophet after Prophet had to step out of their environments and do what's right. ⠀

Take a moment today to find enough humility before God to ask for forgiveness for actions, choices, and speech that are ok in the eyes of the society, but you know are not in the eyes of Allah.⠀

Acknowledge the fact that you did wrong. And remind yourself of Allah's mercy and his willingness to work with you as long as you are taking steps to better yourself. ⠀

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