education is of utmost importance

A friend of my brother's, a math teacher, has taught in many different countries. I listened to his experiences teaching a group of women in UAE. I learned that many of these women were motivated to complete their courses because they received funding upon doing so. So they did the very minimal, sometimes even tried to get away with not doing any of the work. 

This behavior is not specific to the women of UAE taking math courses. So often, we look for ways to give our very minimal in our education, in things that we think are not relevant to us, things that are difficult for us, things we are not interested in...

The thing with education is it broadens the way you process concepts and the way you solve problems (non-math ones even.) Many think they lack resources, but that is often not true. 

Resources can be sought out and the only way to learn them is for you to motivate yourself and learn for the sake of learning... learning for the sake of being knowledgeable... learning for the sake of having resources for interesting conversations...

Education in every area is very important... and the only responsible party to make sure you are educated is you alone. So often we blame this or that for not being as educated, but those are all excuses. 

What we lack is the acknowledgement that being educated and intelligent is of utmost importance... it is important for us, for our well-being... for our security... for our community... for our family... for our children... for our spouses... for the economy... for our ummah... for our faith... for our hereafter. 

No amount of funding from the government can change that except your mindset. Only you can be your motivation and only you can be your limiter. 

It is time for you and I to stop giving the minimum when it comes to our education. It is time we acknowledge the importance and make it a priority in our lives. It is time for us to make time for learning and to learn from multiple disciplines. Because through a well-rounded education can we process concepts in creative ways and bring solutions to problems big and small.

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