Where I live, we had the rare opportunity to watch a total eclipse... a total eclipse. Some 500,000 people came to our little town of 250,000. Stores were sold out of the glasses. Some had to stay in line for 2 hours to buy glasses.

So many people left work to be with their families to watch this rare happening. I had no plans... nor glasses. My colleague loaned me his and my husband and I tore it in the middle and watched the eclipse with one eye.

It was so beautiful... this total eclipse. Within minutes, I watched the transition from Dhuhr to Maghrib to Dhuhr again. There was darkness and a blue/silver glow around the black moon.

I was in tears. I cried and cried and cried and took the opportunity to dedicate two minutes in total imploration for forgiveness.

It was amazement at the beauty and knowing Allah intended to give us that gift today. I was also so grateful that I also left work and was alone with my husband... the one person I am not shy to cry in front of. And he let me. He gets me.

I'm grateful for the people around me who inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and take advantage of this special occurance. It's easy sometimes to just decide to stay in and let others celebrate the big and little things. But sometimes it is so worth it to step out and invest the energy because you just never know when you will be touched in the deepest ways.

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