dua... the weapon of the believers

"Whoever truly loves you will mention your name in their prayer."  I read this post and froze for a moment. I mention my immediate family and a few of my friends who are going through hardships in my duas.

But I certainly have people who I love more than these friends... but don't mention specifically by name!!!

Have I failed them?

Have I?

Searching for a reason, I think perhaps I don't mention them because I don't know the struggles they are going through. This era of sociability has left us the least connected. We are so branched out and spread out that we don't know what is happening at the core. Everyone is busy and searching for convenience.

Calling a friend to share a struggle is so difficult for the sake of inconvenience it may cause. More of our friends are fighting their battles silently and in solitude. More often than not we find out after their struggles have long passed. Even if we are checking in, it takes time to open up. It takes time to warm up to deeper discussions.

The time that we all lack, and the depth we don't achieve. Have I failed them?

 There are so many of you I truly love. In all earnestness, I want Allah to ease your pain, to answer your calls, to give you warmth in this life and everything that is good in the hereafter. There are many of you I want to check in with way more than I usually do. I want to know what's bothering you. I want to listen to you. I want to hug you. And I want to ask Allah to help you. Don't fight your battles alone. Please. I will stand with you. I may be defeated on the front line. But I do carry a weapon: Dua... the weapon of the believers. And I will make one with your name. I truly love you. 🌷Umeda

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