dua state of mind

When we came to US, with the lack of elderly who regularly pushed Dua and due to the classic ‘busy life’, Dua became more and more scarce. ⠀

And with the lack of Dua slowly went my vital identity, my relationship with Allah. It seems the ‘I’ we tend to lose, is the ‘I’ that’s a slave to Allah. This is our first and most important identity. ⠀

It took me a long time to realize what an important role Dua plays in my life. It is an instant reminder of my complete dependence on Allah. It is the repellent to relentless, draining worry. It is the healer of all pains. ⠀

It is an instant reminder of my identity which again I tend to easily forget. And it is the instant reminder of my Lord’s unmatched, grand qualities. It is the key that unlocks my bottomless sense of gratitude.

It also took years of regular practice to expand Dua (beyond the formal time sets) to throughout my day. It required a mental shift to spur Dua at any time.⠀

I find myself worrying about little things then think, ‘Hey, just ask Allah.’ Then my thoughts switch from worry to supplication. Once I start making Dua, I go farther and ask to the very details. ⠀

It even happened this weekend. I shipped a lot of books to be gifted & sold at the Muslim Women Alliance Expo. I found myself worrying that the journals would not get sold and I would have to pay to ship them back to me. I would waste my money and Kaitlin’s time & efforts. You know how worry is: it tends to snowball to enormous nonsense. ⠀

As soon as I caught myself, I made that mental switch. The only One that can turn events into my liking is Allah. So I started: Allah, make it so the attendees love the Journal. Make it so this event opens up great opportunities for me and my project. Make it so I build lasting relationships through this event. ⠀

Once you start, it tends to snowball into a positive, hopeful, exciting emotions inside your chest.⠀

That’s the side effect of living with Allah… of nearness with Allah. Allah is always there. And as soon as you open your eyes to that and take advantage of it… there is only positivity, hope, belonging, sense of identity & endless love.

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