don't stray from Allah

It's interesting that when life gets rough, we tend to first stray away from Allah.

Out of all the things we could let go of first, we let go of one thing that helps us the most.

When life gets tough, don't stray from Allah, from your prayers, from your dua, from your Quran.

When life gets stormy with lots of things floating around, your faith/ your practice is what anchors you. It holds you from completely getting drowned in your worries and tasks. It holds you down, stable, balanced, resilient, strong, grounded, focused... wise.⠀Iman. ⠀

It reminds you that rough or not, life keeps going. Trajectory remains. Effects of time remain.⠀

Things keep moving. The only thing rough life does is take your mental capacity. And it deprives you of balance.

So naturally, with lack of capacity, you will let go... you will let go of a lot things... ⠀

But please hold on to Allah because He is the only One who will remind you that this too will pass. Let the winds blow and watch your base remain unmoved.

The base of iman. Your anchor. 🌷Umeda

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