difficult changes

Many of us are unhappy with one thing or another. It eats at us day in day out, sometimes week in week out... And although we don’t know exactly how to change the circumstances, we often realize there are changes that need to be made. ⠀

And those changes are just not easy. Not easy. It’s not easy to choose them. It’s not easy to implement them. It’s not easy to execute and stick to them. ⠀

And so we keep living with this thing that keeps eating at us. ⠀

At the end of the day, every victory requires some sort of a sacrifice. We can either keep holding on to something that may not be meant to stay, at least in that way, or we let go... of both cause and the result that keeps filing off contentment or the journey towards it. ⠀

And it may feel like a part of us was ripped away. Or it may feel like we are missing out. Or fears may uncover from removing the cloak. We may not know the solution, but we know something needs changed. ⠀

I make dua...⠀

I make dua for balance and for being able to unhook myself of things that untie my connection with my Rabb.

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