You're probably thinking ‘what on earth are you talking about.’ But let me explain.

There is a reason why I chose the word ‘develop.’ We need to relearn this. We need to grow into it. What exactly? This mindset.

I went swimming with my kiddos and for a moment I just waved my hands and arms from side to side under water. Most often we don’t even think to cause the water to flow against our hands.

But as I did it, I focused on the feeling of this thing called water. Have you felt it? Have you really felt running your hands in a big pool of water? It’s unlike anything.

I couldn’t help but feel this sense of joy. That I get to feel this. That I have access to this. That Allah thought of this. That I can experience it in a most peaceful and calm way.

I smiled and laughed. I felt happy in my moment of rediscovering a common thing. As I lifted my head, I saw my daughter watching me. And guess what she says...

 “Why are you being so weird.” 😆

You will be judged. This is the nature of our society. But that joy I felt. My form of gratitude and rememberance of Allah. It’s a journey so deeply inward. It’s a mindset. It’s a force.

And if you are too concerned with society, good luck finding it.

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