dedicating TDJ to your child

I am very bad at it now, but I hold a journal mostly about my kids. Their development progress. Funny things they do. Memories I will likely forget otherwise - good and bad. I started when I found out I was pregnant with my twins July of 2009. Now, I have about 5 journals. 

I love going back reading entries. Even my kids now bring me a journal and ask me to read something out of it. They enjoy learning about how they were as little kids and the things we've done together. 

One creative use of The Dua Journal is to dedicate it to your child. Here is an example of how I am thinking of doing it.

I make dua for...

Your protection from all evil: evil of Shaytan, evil of Jinn, evil of people, evil of creatures. 
Your happiness, may you find contentment in life. 
Your health: physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

I am grateful for...

Having this opportunity to raise you and see you grow into an amazing woman. 
How caring and thoughtful you are. 
That you ask me to snuggle with you every night.

Today's happy moments were:

You did 15 jump-ropes in a row.
You asked me to get you a domesticated fennec fox for $2,000 at least 8 times. 
You went for a ride with your new bike, rode it really fast and then when you couldn't stop, you kept throwing yourself to the side.

One thing I wish I did differently: 

Didn't raise my voice when I got frustrated that you were taking too long to eat. 

Today I learned: 

You love learning about weird fish because you keep asking to put on River Monsters on Netflix. 

My iman goal is: 

To teach you Surah Masad, your fourth surah to memorize. And also to teach you about the name of Allah: Al-Hameed so gratitude becomes your natural tendency.

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