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I saw this cute outfit and am so in love. I love dressing up and the feeling of being well-dressed. But if you asked me to put this together, I wouldn't be able to do it. I can't even stand being inside a store.

The racks overwhelm me. I forget the fits that usually work for me. And I can't think of what I have at home to match items with. I do not like shopping. I do not like ironing. And I do not have the closet to decorate my timeless pieces in. So I say I'm quite a minimalist in dressing. Not because that's what I like to wear, but because that's how I get away with buying and matching the least. (And not to mention the little time it takes to get ready.)

There was a time when I got into scrolling through the Fashion section of Pinterest. It got me fired and excited about putting outfits together which involved endless search for the right pieces at the store and online. Oh the excitement. For a while I was well-dressed again and I had all these cute outfits and jewelry that I actually wore. Then I stopped Pinterest. And there went my desire to dress-up.

There are things we don't like doing, but do enjoy the outcome that comes with doing them. Perhaps you feel this way about your worship and Islamic duties? If that is the case, the Pinterest method I mentioned above is the thing for you. I don't mean literally Pinterest though.

What I mean is, surround yourself with people and things that motivate you, inspire you, and make it easy for you to progress your faith. There are a few Instagram accounts that do provide thought-out and regular posts. They do make a difference. The days I scroll through them are the days, I am more grateful, my prayers are on time, and I make more dua. And since I get on Instagram anyway, it's a fool-proof way to stay consistent. But best of all is daily Quran reading.

Want people that inspire you?

Meet the ones in the Quran.

Want stories that show you the way?

Read the ones in the Quran.

Want that One thing that will fill your heart?

Listen to Allah's words in the Quran. In the Quran, you will find inspiration, motivation, perspective, love, healing, warmth, kindness, humility, peace, and many, many more things you didn't even you were seeking. Join me on Insta LIVE to see which Quran Translation I read and some of the other sources I find inspiration. DM me the day, time, and your time zone which works best for you. I will be LIVE once a week to talk about topics of your choice.

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