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For my birthday, my husband and I drove to a nearby city where we spent some alone time. Being parents of 3 kids under 8, these moments are rare. 

One of our stops was Starbucks where I treated myself to my favorite hazelnut latte. Sitting there, we talked about how people are addicted to their coffee, drive every day, rain or shine, and spend $5 on a cup of coffee. I have a friend who even packs her kids in the car to get her coffee daily. 

Coffee. Truth is people are not addicted to the Starbucks coffee. Coffee experts will tell you Starbucks coffee lacks quality.

What people are addicted to is the experience. How it feels to stand in line with anticipation. How it feels to sip a warm, smooth, creamy drink. How it feels to lick the foam off your lips. How it feels to stop life for a moment to enjoy this moment in slow motion.

Those who love praying 5 times a day are also addicted to how praying makes them feel. The experience. The opportunity to slow down. Recharge. Have a moment of solitude. 

I love that when I'm on that mat, no one can bother me. It's my moment of peace. On that mat, I finally have Allah on my mind and nothing else is pulling my attention from Him. 

Because I do deep, steady breathing, my body relaxes right away. I feel happy there. I feel warm inside checking in with my Creator. I recharge there from reminders of who's love and mercy I have... and what matters in life. I refocus and distance from my worthless worries.

So sweeten that experience. Starbucks has thought of everything to make sure you come back again. No, I can't hire a customer experience manager for you, but YOU can be that for yourself and think of everything that can be done so you are on that mat and enjoying it 5 times a day.

Be your own customer experience manager. Take a moment to reflect on what you can do to maximize your praying experience. 

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