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Since I am involved in Operations Management at my work, a software development company, I sit in on a lot of meetings. In a meeting today, two people were discussing about a new regulation that keeps hobbyists from brewing and distributing beer in and from their homes.

Since beer doesn't play any role in my life, I was spacing out... until I heard one of them say, "Hobbies pave the road for commercialization." Such a simple concept, but it is so true. It all starts with people who are passionate about something. Years later you see resources which you can't imagine life without. You go into a Christian store, and there are so many resources! Guides, workbooks, study circle plans, Sunday school plans, guided journals, daily devotions... you name it. Things that help make religion into a lifestyle. Resources that subtly incorporate religion in every part of your life. Islam is still so young when it comes to such resources.

We have made a lot of progress, alhamdulillah.

We have so many translations, lectures and explanations. I'm so grateful for them. But when it comes to tools, we lack. I created The Dua Journal because I myself enjoy fun reflection-inducing resources.

That middle ground between a full on worship and having fun.

That middle ground between a book full of duas I don't open and the empty notebooks I tend to collect.

It's the middle ground between 'I don't know what to write' and 'I wish I could write this down.' This is my hobby. I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I help people make Islam a lifestyle and not just a formal religion. I encourage people to ease into Islam, get closer to Allah, and progress their faith. I create tools to help people focus and prioritize. And I design them in a way that make people feel good. I hope one day I can say I was one of those who paved the road to an industry filled with SCALABLE and SUSTAINABLE books, journals, workshops, worksheets, programs, etc.🌷Umeda

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