consuming good things is still consuming

I have been texting with a friend and we got into the hot diet topic (while I was eating fried foods.) Have you guys heard about Law of Attraction? I read the book , 'Secret' years ago, but had no idea people are now applying the concept into dieting. Then I started researching books about the topic.

If you know amazon, the next book suggestion is better the first and so you keep rolling through books you want to read, but in the back of your mind you know they will dust in some corner.

I caught myself rolling through books and quickly got out of the trap. The personal-development experts often suggest that you should be reading books constantly. Always. One after another. Hence, the millions of reviews on amazon.

And this is how we got into a phase of information, but no action. We are all educated way beyond our action. Reading is wonderful, but a beneficial knowledge is one that inspires action.

There are so many incredible books out there! One better than the other. Some support each others' content. Some completely contradict each other leaving me confused... and not knowing what to follow.

This is another peril of consumption. Spending so much time consuming content, but not taking a little time to process and reflect on the information gained.

I push hard on seeking knowledge here. But what I push even harder is action and reflection.

Every time you read a book, ask yourself what have you gained?

What steps can you take or stop taking to experience or apply the content?

What questions have spurred or have been answered from this reading?

How can you ensure that 6 months from now, you will say that reading this book was worthy?

How can you ensure that the points you thought were amazing won't be long forgotten in a few weeks?

Highlight the parts you enjoyed or struck a note with you. Write them down in a notebook (physical or web) you visit regularly.

This is another place where quality is more important than quantity. Be conscious and mindful of your consumption, even in reading. You don't need to read 10 books about a topic. Read a few. Read them well. And make them matter. 

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