consistency in reading Qur'an

I have been getting quite a few messages from you ladies on low iman. Honestly, reading the Quran has been such a lightening experience for me lately. 

And you know there are different types of reading. Right now, I’m using the tip of my pen to guide my eyes line by line. It’s been helping me focus. I am also jotting down ayat that spoke to me. So it is a pretty active processing type of reading. 

My husband tells me to relax and that I’m stressing myself out too much as apparently I tell him every other day I need to catch up with my reading goals. I don’t think I’m stressing really, I’m more using him as an accountability to motivate myself to stay on track. (But then who knows... maybe I am stressing myself out too much. I have forgotten how to differentiate stress from no stress since I started college.) In any case, if you are also struggling with iman, here are my thoughts: 

1. Check in with your expectations. Are you comparing current iman to one of those unicorn I’m super fly level that comes and goes like the blue moon? Or are you really experiences a low below your norm norm? 

2. Trust me when I say it’s a matter of switching your mindset on. Nobody can help you except you in this case. Decide you are going to take care of this today. And just start with duas and gratitude. You can’t believe how often my The Dua Journal gets me out of the rut. 

3. Read the Quran in a language you understand. Not just 5 mins and you’re done. No. Consistently over a few days. And have a plan to keep reading on a consistent basis. Even if it means 1-3 times a week. 

So these are my two cents. Best wishes to you.

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