A friend of mine was asking me if I knew a girl I could suggest for marriage to her brother. (This is how arranged marriages begin: asking around for suggestions.)

As the conversation continued, she said: You know what kind of marriage I want for him? Just like yours with G. She had my attention. I was curious to know what she meant.

She says: We really want them to study together... be like friends, support each other... a modern marriage. Companionship.

It made me smile. Perfect timing as G and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary today. Her statement made me think back to the beginning.

Although we had an arranged marriage, Allah blessed us with a true friendship. We spent several years developing this friendship…

We studied together, explored the world together. We dreamed, and we established values. We learned each other, and we grew up together.

And for the future I pray Allah for continued friendship… companionship. Whatever life throws at me, someone to listen to, someone to hold. A basic human need.

What is love without companionship? What is life without companionship?

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