community is a wonderful thing

As I sat alone for suhoor before coming to Chicago, I remembered last year's suhoors when my in-laws were over to visit us.

We had a full table, freshly-brewed tea, long conversations, etc. And for iftar, we had a full-on celebration meals. Lots of cleaning and cooking. And I have to say I formed a special bond with my in-laws during these Ramadan meals.

Community is a wonderful thing.

Community hypes up the holiday/holly month spirit. It provides encouragement, motivation, and perseverance. It makes traditions more significant. It gives a sense of belonging and companionship, especially, when you spend special times like suhoor together when most people are asleep. I'm thankful, also, for these solo suhoors and iftars.

It makes Allah's presence and the SPIRITUAL essence of Ramadan more significant. It gives me time to think and reflect. It gives me the opportunity to tend to my soul and call upon Allah. (Not to mention it also keeps me from over-consumption.)⠀

Community is wonderful, but at times it replaces the much-needed time to be alone with Allah. It consumes the time that could go towards faith, worship, and devotion. Even not-so-optimal circumstances can be blessings. As I sit alone and think of community, I pray to have a balance in the coming years between community and solo meals during Ramadan.

As the balance ultimately fulfills our every need. 🌷Umeda⠀

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