comfort in consistency

As  much as I love journals with different prompts on each page, I find so much comfort in The Dua Journal taking me through the same questions every day. 

In the world of ever-changing chaos, my TDJ page is one thing I can count on to be the same. It is a place of peace. It is a place of stability. It is a place where I can come and unwind rather than wind up with new questions. 

The Dua Journal takes me back to my basics. It takes me back to my core... to what is important to me. It takes me back to thoughts of Allah. Alhamdulillah. 

It is through this sameness, I reconnect quickly with Allah. And with His help I dig deep to heal the scabs inside. 

My TDJ takes me through this process I enjoy and I want to be taken through this process over and over and over. Because it gives me clarity. It gives me focus. It gives me joy. It gives me humility. It gives me goals. And most importantly it gives me peace. 

This sameness has shifted my mindset, my perspective, and the state of my heart. It has pushed me, through regular practice, to come to ACCEPTANCE. Alhamdulillah. For some of us, all we need is a place of sameness to open up, to let go, to heal, and very much to accept. 

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