checking in with my quality

It's much easier to teach than it is to learn. It's easier to speak than it is to implement processes. Sometimes I get distracted with what I can do to help you instead of thinking about how I can improve myself. It is through my reflections and self-honesty that I recognize this and adjust my thinking. 

I tell myself how ridiculous I'm being by focusing on how I can help you improve your worship, while I deliver a subpar worship myself. And that gets me motivated to take what I'm doing to the next level. In that way, you hold me accountable without even being aware of it. This is a two-way process. 

Hypocrisy is mentioned so many times in the Quran that I get so scared of becoming one. So I check in with myself regularly. Do my actions align with my values? 

This is why I have the 'one thing I wish I did differently...' section in The Dua Journal. This is where I can check in with my core, my values, my QUALITY. 

What do I need to do better to realign with the quality of a human being I want to BE?

And so I thank you for holding me accountable. To mirror your favor, I remind you to check in with yourself, ask the hard questions, and put in the effort it takes to push yourself to be the quality of a human being Allah wants you to be.

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