This week I had a stark reminder of how beginner I am in my the knowledge of my faith. The more people I meet and talk to, I realize the importance of raising a child in faith and starting a child early on in islamic knowledge.

I realize a lot of you grew up memorizing surahs, attending khutbas and halaqahs, learning arabic and practicing sunnah. I did not. For so long I wasted time battling between my desire for Islamic knowledge and my culture which pulled me from it. Wasted time.

Day to day, I don't notice how lacking I am in 'memorized surahs' department... I don't notice the significance of not knowing how to write or read arabic.... I don't notice the void of not having a scholarly figure in a close proximity...

My life goes on without any of these dense and crucial aspect of faith. I have a close relationship with Allah. And I feel spiritually fulfilled, but I do realize at the end of the day, spirituality is only half my deen and that it can't fulfill the void of KNOWLEDGE...

This week, I had a stark reminder to tilt more on the Islamic Education and to take a spot in a student seat. My intention at least for the next few weeks is to be SCHOOLED.

I am focusing a little more on STUDYING Islam rather than seeking motivation and inspiration. Sometimes, sitting down with a paper and pencil with an intention to learn is the most humbling of experiences.

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