Allah is the Appreciative

While personal and spiritual development are such an important part of our deen, we can often get caught up in the frenzy to "be better." 

We begin to discount all that we do, and despair that there are so many on social media that are (or seem) more pious than us. 

I want to write this small reflection  today, to remind us all to never trivialize our good deeds, however small. 

Just the fact that you are seeing this post, or listening to an inspiring lecture, or reading an informative article, just the plain fact that you are a Muslim today, means that Allah has given you tawfiq. 

He has given you this post as a reminder, He has given you the ability to read His name and remember Him. He has given us iman. And Allah does not give tawfiq to just anybody - He sees something good in you worth bringing out. 

Though the true answer to this question lies only with Allah, reflect on what good Allah sees in you. Find it and be grateful for it. Try to cultivate more of it. And remember that good whenever you are looking around and feeling that you are not as great as someone else, or that your deeds are worthless. 

Allah is, after all, al-Shakoor, the Appreciative of even the tiniest effort. Respectfully, Ashley

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