align yourself

Life is a very distracting. This is a fact. No matter who you are, what you do, what you've accomplished, how disciplined you are. We all get distracted.

I set goals which stand as my pillars day in and day out, but I go through seasons. Fluid. Waves. Focused. Distracted. Swimming to the shore, I review my goals, try to get back on my feet. With time, focused again.

Lessons learned. Take steps of avoid the next fall. Focused long enough to fall again. Fluid. Waves. I have to catch up. I sacrifice some priorities for the sake of others.

The priorities that make me feel good now over the ones that keep me alive, well, and safe.

Align. Align. Align. Be more fluid. Keep adjusting to fit... into the place Allah waits for you. This world will keep a hold of you... as you both lay on the palm of our Rabb.

Set goals, constantly. Think about your goals. Know your goals. Decide on your goals. Let your goals be the ships that sail you to the embrace of your Lord.

Align with your goals. Constantly. Waves will come and go. Waves will throw you off. Just align again.

You know it in your heart where you need to be. Align yourself. Align your choices. Align your mindset. Align your habits. Align your goals. Align... to your end game.

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