about balance

I can't stress enough how important balance is in Islam. There were times when I would totally dive into Islam and I would get burned out and depressed.(Speaking of diving... my husband taught me how to dive!!!

So empowering to learn new skills. And my swimsuit sleeves are getting so loose from the chlorine.

So they were getting rolled up every time I dove. 🙈)⠀
I digress... anyway other parts of my life started crumbling. I wasn't fun to be around for my kids, my husband, and friends. I had a laser focus on my religious practices and I was living too deep in my head. ⠀
But there is a reason why we don't have nuns and priests in our faith.

Balance is a big part of Islam. We need to take advantage of the beauty and love that surround us.⠀Livelihood, relationships, and adventures help us experience Allah and Islam in a whole other way.⠀

Sometimes the golden sunset and rolling oceans can give you more insight to the majesty of Allah than listening to 10 Islamic lectures. ⠀
(Swipe left for my no filter golden sunset from my trip to Mexico.)⠀

Sometimes holding and smelling a newborn child for one moment can soften your heart more than reciting Surah Ikhlas 40 times. Sometimes seeing the rumbling laugh of your spouse can make your heart more grateful than reading about importance of gratitude in Tafsir. Balance is key to perfecting your worship and increasing awareness and presence of Allah. Don't tip too far in either direction. 🌷Umeda

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