a tool to grow closer to Allah

I needed a tool to bring Allah into my daily life outside of my salah.

We are raised with this mindset that salah is something we NEED to do. Get it done.

Make sure you do it. 5 times. Everyday. Make it up. If you miss it, you will answer for it.

All this STIFFNESS around WORSHIP.

So it became so formal and so intimidating. Like I needed to PERFORM on stage and then get off the stage to get back to my own life.

There was distance. And it just didn’t feel right. That sort of ‘something is missing here’ feeling. You know what I mean?

So I needed a tool to incorporate Allah in my life outside of the STAGE.

And slowly as I used The Dua Journal, I realized wait... I’m performing better on stage... wait... I see Allah in everything... wait... this is NOT a stage!... wait... I’m not performing, I’m charging... wait... Allah, I feel so much lighter inside... wait... Allah, I want more of this... wait... I want to grow... wait... I see it so much clearer now.

I found a tool. And I found my way. To You, Allah.

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